Online Test Series & Group Discussion

What is an online test series?
An online test series is a mock test or practice test that candidates take as part of their studying. It helps them determine how much study they have done and how much more they need to do, by taking such mock tests.

Virtual tests and mock tests have replaced them. Online tests are the new method of testing a person's knowledge.

The Online Test Series is an online assessment tool that will help students assess their readiness for the final exams.This is a mock exam, or a practice test, that helps students analyse how much more or less they need to focus on their studies.

An Online Test Series is a series of mock exams conducted virtually rather than by hand.Candidates take these tests to build up their confidence before appearing for the real test. They are designed to be extremely user-friendly and accessible from anywhere. Through the internet, a person can access the online test series from anywhere in the city.

We, at Sanyukta Singh Design Studio, conduct an online test series to help the students determine how much study they have done and how much more they need to do.

Group Discussion-
The group discussion is a type of discussion in which people share ideas and activities. The group discussion revolves around one basic idea. Each member of the group represents his or her perspective based on that idea.

How Group Discussions Work?

  • Normally, 8-10 candidates are put into a leaderless group, and are given a specific situation to analyse and discuss within a given time frame.
  • In some cases, the group may be given a case study and asked to come up with a solution.
  • A topic may be given to the group for discussion.

The members of the group will be evaluated by a panel of observers.

Objective of a Group Discussion-
While the written exam tests an applicant's quantitative, reasoning, and verbal skills, these aren't the only skills a future manager should possess. That's just the beginning. Successful managers should not only be able to meet their quotas, but also contribute to their teams. That's what GDs aim to test.

A GD tests managerial abilities such as interpersonal skills, leadership, analytical and rational thinking, knowledge, and personality traits.

B-School panels use it to measure the calibre of candidates on factors such as content and knowledge, rational thought process, communication skills, group behaviour, and leadership.

How to prepare for a Group Discussion-
According to experts, you should work on developing your knowledge base while improving your communication skills at the same time. It is also important to learn how to manage yourself during the GD. You can improve your group discussion with a few small tricks and tips.

Tips for a successful Group Discussion-
In order to do well in a GD, you need to improve your knowledge quotient. Read, watch, listen! Keep up with current issues in newspapers and magazines, especially year-end issues that summarise the year. Watch and listen to news and current affairs programmes on news channels. Using the media, candidates must stay up-to-date on contemporary issues.

There are some group discussion topics of perennial interest.

The following topics are relevant to economics: FDI, stock markets, liberalisation, employment scenario, capital convertibility, rupee vs dollar, inflation, export-import, socialists vs capitalists, etc.

Prepare one- or two-page notes on important sectors such as IT, ITES, banking, insurance, retail, telecom, healthcare, agriculture, etc. Find the developments of the past year and the prospects for the future.